About us

Verax Advisory Ltd. is a consulting company based in Zagreb that provides a wide portfolio of advisory services aimed to improve client’s business.

Main challenges that IT executives are facing today can be divided in two areas; the first one is how to reduce cost and increase efficiency, by maintaining the same or improving service quality, and the second area are issues focus on strategy and on finding new ways for IT to help enable innovation, creation of a new value and creation of the competitive advantages in the market.

We help our clients to solve business issues related to these two areas. Our experts posses the needed experience to advise clients how to run IT operations more efficiently, how to use innovative technologies and new technology trends. Understanding of industry practices helps us to tailor our approach for the client and to deliver needed transformation.

Our clients can expect visible improvements and changes since the main goal of the services we provide is to initiate change and transform our clients’ business into a more efficient one, able to function in a different way and to use new, modern solutions, overcoming business challenges the client is facing.