• Railways – negotiation support

    For railway sector client, we have ensured expert support during negotiation on the new IT support contracts.

    Realised benefits -lower IT expense for HW, SW and services, improvement of the IT services.

  • Railways – ERP system implementation audit

    For the railways sector client, we finished audit of the ERP implementation. We have analysed implementation, project plan and deliverables, and reated recommendations for sucessufull finalisation of the project.

    Realised benefits – project problems were removed and ERP implementation project is back on track (expenses were lowered and past investment protected).

  • Financial sector – BCM training

    For the financial services client we have delivered business continuity management training for employees. Training included initial and final knowledge exam, and education of the key employees that are part of business continuity management process.

    Realised benefits – with this education we have refreshed BCM knowledge for employees and increased likelihood of succesufull recovery in case of disaster. With this education and testing certain regulatory requirements were satisfied as well.

  • Public sector – Workload analisys

    For the public sector client work load analysis project is finished. Project enables management to get better insight in to workload of individual employees and departments and to ensure better planning of the employee workforce needs in the future.

    Realised benefits -easier control of workforce activities and future workforce needs relating to business plan.

  • Energy sector – SAM process implementation

    With our partner company we have succesufully implemented software asset management process (SAM). Projec tincluded development of policies and procedures, establishment of software asset management inventory, identification of the improvement potential and calculation of the savings.

    Realised benefits – lower IT expenses, lower financial and reputation risk, better security due the removal of risky software.

  • Financial sector – Analysis of the BCM process

    For the financial services client we have concluded project of analysis of the business continuity management process. We have analysed weakneses and created list of the improvement opportunities.

    Realised benefits – with identification of weakneses and implementation of improvements we have improved BCM process and likelihood of sucessufull recovery.

  • Financial sector – core banking system selection

    For financial services client we just ended project of core banking system selection. Project included market analysis, evaluation criteria creation, demo workshops preparation, evaluation of the systems and creation of the final report.

    Realised benefits – structured approach to system selection ensured high level of satisfaction of business, functional and technical requirements of the client. With this project we also ensured that project risks were identified early and managed thru system selection process.

  • IT sector – CRM implementation QA

    For IT secotr company, after CRM system selection, we have concluded project on quality assurace of the CRM implementation. New system ensures sales force automatization, ensures better lead generation and control from leads to opportunities and to final sales.

    Realised benefits –  With this project we ensured that project risks were identified and managed thru project life until completion.

  • Telecomm – Internal audit co-sourcing

    For telecomm sector client we ust finished project of internal audit co-sourcing. We provided assistence during internal controls review in IT area.

    Realised benefits – succesufull test of internal controls ensured lowering of risks in IT processes.